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This website replaces the one initially begun in 2004 and acknowledges the changes in technology since that time. It uses, wherever possible, techniques to allow the website to respond and adapt to the dimensions of the device on which it is being displayed, for example a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone. There are however a small number of historical (legacy) and also other types of pages, for example pdf and pages from other websites, where this is not possible and these may need to be viewed on a standard computer.

There are those also with older browsers unable to take advantage of the newer advances in technology. For those people a number of the pages of the older, legacy, website will be kept for a short period to enable them to update their browsers. It cannot, however, be guaranteed that this website is up to date.

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This older site will be closing 31st July 2016.
It is currently not being maintained or updated.

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Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that the information contained in this website is both accurate and up-to-date, neither the editors nor Teynham Parish Council accept any liability to any party for loss or damage incurred by reliance placed on the information contained in this website or through omission or errors, how so ever caused.  All comments regarding this website should be sent to the teynham.org Webmaster: webmaster@teynham.org