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Frognal Lane Sports Association


 The objective of The Association shall be to organise and regulate sporting activities on the playing field at Frognal Lane, Teynham on behalf of those clubs who wish to use the facilities as available and to assist where clubs wish to broaden the scope of the facilities to embody their sporting interest where possible.

The Association shall be formed from and managed by those clubs who have their origins within the Parish of Teynham. They will be known as Associated Members of the Association and must subsequently accept as Associated members any club fulfilling the above condition who may wish to use the Playing Field for sporting activities.

The Association may accept a Club which does not qualify as above as an Affiliated member but they shall have no voting rights. To all other intents and purposes they shall be required to fulfil any duties expected of all Clubs using the field.

The Association will be governed by a committee from those Associated member Clubs who must each nominate two persons, who are members of those clubs, to become members of the committee

The nominated Committee shall elect from its membership a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. The Committee may co-opt any member of a Club in Associated membership as additional members to carry out duties as they, from time to time, see fit.

Two members of the Association shall be nominated to attend meetings of Teynham Parish Council’s Car Park and Plying Fields Committee with the right to speak but with no voting rights.

The Committee shall convene at six weekly intervals or at the direction of the Chairperson. The Association shall hold its Annual General Meeting on the last Thursday in July each year.

A quorum for meetings shall be two thirds of the committee.

During voting on any motion only one Committee member from each Club shall vote and should the voting result in a draw the Chairperson shall have an additional vote to decide the issue.

If a Committee member misses four consecutive meetings without reasonable explanation as accepted by the Committee, they will be removed from the Committee and the club in which they are in membership will be expected to nominate a replacement
The Committee shall open a bank account in the name of the Association into which all monies paid to the Association must be paid and through which all payments by the committee must be settled.

The Committee may authorise a petty cash sum to be withdrawn from the bank to be held by the Treasurer for incidental purchasing for which receipts must be obtained.

The Committee shall nominate an accountant who shall annually prepare accounts for the Committee and from information gathered from the audit the Committee shall decide upon its fees for the subsequent year and any funds to be set aside.

All instructions to the bankers authorising payments must be made only by the authority of two signatures of any five being that of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and one Committee member.