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Teynham Parish Council Amenities
Committee Terms of Reference


  1. To consider all matters relating to the provision of public amenity facilities to residents of the Parish. Such amenities include allotments, play areas, other open spaces, grass cutting, street furniture and shelters, notice boards, public footpaths, refuse bins whether or not provided by the Parish Council.

  2. To consider all matters relating to the safe and effective operation, repair, maintenance and development of facilities, including any equipment, owned, leased or provided by the Parish Council which includes the Allotments, Frognal Lane Playing Field, The Meadow, London Road Cark Park, the Jubilee Pump and other memorials, structures and equipment around the parish. It does not include Teynham Community Hall for which there is a separate committee.

  3. To maintain leases for the rent of the Frognal Lane Playing Field, Car Park, Allotments and other facilities at sums and conditions acceptable to the Parish Council.

  4. To ensure that the facilities and their equipment owned, leased or provided by the Parish Council are properly insured and their value and any risks are regularly assessed.

  5. To produce the budget required to implement any agreed actions to be carried out by the Parish Council. This is to be made available at the appropriate time to the Finance and General Purposes Committee for the preparation of the Parish Council’s annual precept.

  6. To ensure that the obligations of the Parish Council, as exemplified in the agreement between Teynham Parish Council and Teynham Sports Association are fulfilled.

  7. To consider quotations obtained in accordance with the Parish Council's Financial Regulations from contractors for the regular maintenance of the grass and all fences, hedges, whether boundary or internal and trees on the land which the council has responsibility, and to agree on the best value.

  8. To employ a person, on employment conditions as agreed by the Parish Council, to ensure that The Meadow and the London Road Cark Park are regularly litter picked and kept in an tidy condition. [see Financial and General Purposes Committee Terms of Reference c)

  9. To promptly inform the Clerk to the Council of any damages, dumped rubbish and similar matters in order that the Clerk may inform the relevant authority and/or contractor.

  10. To report regularly to the Parish Council on its finances and its activities.

Committee membership:  At the Annual Parish Council Meeting a minimum of six members is to be elected onto the Committee which is to meet at least quarterly.

Quorum:  The quorum of the Committee shall be three members.

Review:  These Terms of Reference are to be reviewed annually following the Annual Parish Council Meeting.