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Teynham Parish Council
Editorial Committee Terms of Reference

These Terms of Reference are to be read on conjunction with Teynham Parish Council’s Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and Code of Conduct.


a) To consider all matters relating to timely production and distribution of Teynham News, the quarterly magazine of Teynham Parish Council, an informational website, www.teynham.org, and social media pages.

b) To produce the budget required to implement any agreed actions under a) to be carried out by the Committee. This is to be made available at the appropriate time to the Finance and Standing Orders Committee for the preparation of the Parish Council’s annual precept.

c) To produce the magazine in a proper manner using sound commercial practices ensuring that the production and distribution costs are adequately covered.

d) To produce and maintain the website and social media pages in a proper manner using sound commercial practices ensuring that their production costs are adequately covered.

e) To monitor the content of the social media pages to ensure that it is, as far as may be reasonably understood, factually accurate, not obscene and is unlikely to cause offence.

f) To set competitive fees for commercial advertisements in the magazine and on the website, to review them on a regular basis and to ensure that a record is kept of advertisers and the fees that they are charged.

g) To consider quotations obtained in accordance with the Parish Council's Financial Regulations for the printing and distribution of the magazine and to decide on the best value.

h) To report regularly to the Parish Council on its finances and its activities.

Committee membership: At the Annual Parish Council Meeting a minimum of three members is to be elected onto the Committee.

Quorum: The quorum of the Committee shall be two members.

Review: These Terms of Reference are to be reviewed annually following the Annual Parish Council Meeting.