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Teynham Parish Council
Finance and General Purposes
Committee Terms of Reference

These Terms of Reference are to be read on conjunction with Teynham Parish Council’s Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and Code of Conduct.

  1. To act as a general purpose committee to act on all day-to-day matters not within the remit of any other committee of the Parish Council.

  2. To advise and make recommendations to the Council regarding the financial policy and management of the Council and in particular:
    • to consider and approve Committee budgets.

    • to produce a recommended precept for approval of the Council at their Precept Meeting.

    • to ensure budgetary control is exercised over all funds of the Council.
    • to ensure that the annual accounts are prepared by the Financial Officer.
  3. To be responsible to the Council for the policies for recruitment, training and development, promotion, resignation, dismissal, retirement and conditions of service of staff.

  4. To deal with matters of importance which would normally be referred to the Council, but which are agreed by the Chairman of the Committee to require decisions as a matter of urgency. Such decisions are to be reported to the next meeting of the Council.

  5. To take such action as it may consider necessary, including the negotiation of any legal proceedings, in pursuance of the management and protection of property, for which the Council has responsibility, and the maintenance of their good order.

  6. To ensure that the Council’s Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, Code of Conduct and similar documents are kept current.

  7. To deal with other matters referred to it by the Council and report regularly to the Parish Council on it activities.

Committee membership:  At the Annual Parish Council Meeting a minimum of four members is to be elected onto the Committee.

Quorum:  The quorum of the Committee shall be two members.

Review:  These Terms of Reference are to be reviewed annually following the Annual Parish Council Meeting.