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Teynham Parish Council Planning
CommitteeTerms Of Reference

These Terms of Reference are to be read on conjunction with Teynham Parish Council’s Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and Code of Conduct.


  1. To consider all planning matters relating to the use and development of land affecting or likely to affect the Parish.

  2. If required, to produce the budget to implement any agreed actions under a) to be carried out by the Parish Council. This is to be made available at the appropriate time to the Finance and General Purposes Committee for the preparation of the Parish Council’s annual precept.

  3. To consider and comment in writing in a timely manner on all planning applications received from Swale Borough Council and/or Kent County Council. (see also Standing Order 15.b.xiv & xv)

  4. To consider and decide a response to planning issues on potential applications made directly to the Parish Council by parishioners, developers and alike.

  5. To consider major road schemes relating to new highway proposals or improvements to existing roads in the Parish.

  6. Make recommendations to the Parish Council on statutory and non-statutory planning policy documents and on all other matters as are of a general nature to town and country planning and related legislation

  7. Select from its membership a person or persons to represent the Parish Council at site meetings, public inquiries etc. (when required) to represent the Council’s previously agreed views.

  8. To report regularly to the Parish Council on its activities.

Committee membership:  At the Annual Parish Council Meeting a minimum of five members is to be elected onto the Committee.

Quorum:  The quorum of the Committee shall be three members.

Review:  These Terms of Reference are to be reviewed annually following the Annual Parish Council Meeting.