Footprints in the Snow -
Christmas Past and Present

Bright Christmas lantern’s illumination
On this annual festive occasion
Light up footprints in the snow
As busy shoppers pass to and fro.

Long goose neck flares burn in the night
Wide eyed children gaze at the sight,
Horse drawn sleighs glide swiftly by
The street is alive with the vendors cry.

Plump prime turkeys hang in a row
Ducks. geese. and chickens all on show,
Rabbits, beef, and great joints of pork.
Big juicy hams that first came fromYork.

Christmas trees on the side walk create a green jungle,
Pieces of mistletoe hang in a bundle.
Nuts in their shells, packets of dates
Bright yellow oranges in bright slatted crates.

Cakes with icing, hot mince pies
Boxes of crackers with hats and a prize.
Shops full of presents for girl or boy,
For those that are lucky there will a new toy.

And did, and did the guiding star’s illumination
Light up the footprints on that first celebration
When the three Kings and many others
Bore gifts to Christ and the mothers of mothers?

So go down on your knees give thanks and remember
Why we have this day in December
Give thought to those whom no joy can be told
For they are hungry and sleep out in the cold.

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