Greenstreet Circa 1930

In the 1930 these were professional and trades people that residents of Teynham would have known personally~ They would readily avail themselves of their services and rarely visit Sittingbourne~ Many had nicknames and all were characters in their own right.

Dr. Jardine
Would answer a call
Without fuss or hesitation
While Miss Streatfield
The dispenser
Would mix the needed potion.

Mr Ray
Is out today
Planting young fruit trees
Stan Mitchell
Will be helping
With mud up to his knees!

From Fred Rye
You could buy
A bike or combination
Repairs were rare
With his care
Knowledge and attention.

Sold pans and pots
An every day requisite
But after tea
He would be
‘Mr National Deposit’.

In the ‘Street’
You bought your meat.
From dear old ‘Barney’ Wilkins
All his life
He called his wife
‘My little Norfolk Dumpling’.

Up with lark
Mr Clark
Busy at his oven
All on display
Was baked today
Nothing here was frozen!

Then Stan Wood
For an age stood
Cutting hair with patience
And where today
Would you pay
The princely sum of fourpence!!

Stan Read
And Mr Hunt
Fed the village people
Biscuits tins
With glass lids
And great big tins of treacle!!

Be it birth
Or be it death
Stephen George would note it
He would never hike
Always on his bike
An age before ‘Young Tebbitt!!’

Jack Kemsley
With his young brother
Craftsman with shoes and leather
But on certain days
There were delays
As they picked next Wednesday’s team together.

What happened
Over at ‘Kissers’?
To us kids a mystery
Although we tried
We were denied
And always barred from entry!

‘Dinky’ Filmer ‘
Narrer’ Broad
What names which to conjure
Mrs. Harris
With red rosette
Out to catch the voter.

Joyce Nichols
Always smiling
With sweets arranged about her
Coconut squares
Liquorice sticks
And bags of sherbet powder.

Ferrell and Bakers
Aylwood Brothers
In the field where ‘FAIRS’ did reign,
Greenstreet for me
Will never be
Quite the same again.

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