I have walked
Where Romans walked
High on Sandown’s barrow.
And I have talked
Where Romans talked
But theirs was most of sorrow.

I’ve drank from a spring
A most pure spring
In the valley of the Lyn,
Once corn ships plied
Now banks have dried
And orchards lie within.

I have marched
Where legions marched
Through this ancient manor,
Both on crusade
And from crusade
With their armour’s clamour.

I have lived
Where Archbishops lived
Close by in their palace.
There King Edward came
And monks they came
Each to receive some solace.

I’ve plucked cherries
Where Harrys plucked cherries
AroundNewGarden’s fable,
When they were sent
The best inKent
To King Henry’s table.

I have prayed
Where Cromwell strayed
To the door with bullet holes
And where I prayed
They also stayed
Poor roundhead hunted souls.

I have seen bricks made
When there was a trade
To help buildLondonTown,
I have seen the barge
Both small and large
Tacking up and down.

And I have heard
A singing bird
In an orchard full of blossom,
And I have seen
Hop fields of green
I’ve also helped to pick them.

All this I know
But do locals know
What lies all about them,
And will they have time as I had time
To love this old place……. TEYNHAM