Teynham Lane in the Early Thirties,
with some of the characters and activities therein

I walked once more down Teynham Lane
And as I strolled the memories came
The trees, the fruit, have disappeared
But one by one the ghosts appeared.

I see children hurrying most keen
To the school on the hill at Barrow Green
Out from their house Mr. Gates and his wife
Headmaster and Teacher for most of their life.

There’s Mr. Wiles delivering the mail
Every day eight thirty right on the nail!
I stand aside as away he sped
He’ll be back after lunch selling needles and thread.

Then Mr. Thomsett in boater and smock
Down at the station sorting his stock
“All alive, All alive”, his friendly call
With baskets of fruit and fresh fish for all.

Ned Sherwood’s job was sweeping the road
With his long handled barrow he pulled many a load
But. when the “maroon” called, laid down broom and spade
To put out a fire with the local brigade

Into the lane through gates in the wall
Like a ship in full sail Lady Honeyball
“Hello’ childring” she called “Come to the house follow me”
And we all returned home with “seedy” cake for our tea.

Horses with carts rolled by once again
Hops for the Oast and fruit for the train
There are butchers and bakers I see them go
With milkmen and coalmen on their rounds to and fro.

Now as darkness fills the evening sky
The old lamp lighter with his pole rides by
As a bee to a flower so to each lamp in turn
I stand and I watch the mantles pop and then burn.

Suddenly the ghosts dissolve in the night
As a car roars by with flashing head light
And I am back in this age once again
Alone with my memories of old Teynham Lane.