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            Parish Report

  So let’s start with the good news. Sensible housekeeping has enabled Teyn-
ham Parish Council to keep our expenditure to a minimum so we have made an
identical request to last year for our annual precept. The figure which has gone
in to Swale Borough Council for the financial year 2018-19 is £53,000 and this
has been accepted by Swale. Street lighting is the largest single cost to the Par-
ish, and economies have been made in this area by installing LED lights. And
the benefit of those savings should continue to be felt for many years to come.

  As this edition of Teynham News was prepared for the printer, there’s been no
sign yet of the two major planning applications expected for the village. These
are the sites off Frognal Lane and the one to the east of the top of Station Road,
both of which have been earmarked for development in the district’s Local Plan.

  And talking of the Teynham News, we know how much many of you look forward
to your edition as it pops through your letter box four times a year. Just to remind
you, this comes completely free of charge as the work is all done voluntarily, and
the modest costs of printing and distribution are covered by advertising revenue.

  It’s been 35 years since the idea of a Teynham News was first agreed upon in
the early 1980s, and long may it continue, even though most of us now receive
our news and information in very different ways. Social media is a highly effec-
tive method of communication, and as nearly 600 of you who follow Teynham
Parish Council’s Facebook page know, it’s a fast and simple way of keeping
residents up to date what’s happening. Occasionally, on this and other social
media outlets that provide news and discussion forums on what’s going on
in our communities, these discussions can be – for want of a better word –
heated. Can we make a plea for restraint, tolerance and patience if you’re one
of those who like to add your view.

  Among the subjects in recent months which have been debated in this way
are perennial topics in Teynham – thefts from vehicles, fly-tipping, inconsider-
ate parking, dog fouling and litter-dropping.

  To take them in that order, Teynham Parish Council can do no more than en-
courage drivers to securely lock their cars and vans, and if, unfortunately, there
is a theft to report it to the police. Writing about it on Facebook is not enough
as the Police need to build up an accurate picture of where and when these
thefts are taking place.

  Likewise, fly-tipping is an offence in law and can carry a heavy fine. It’s more
than just anti-social behaviour and anyone found guilty – and offenders are
often easier to trace than they may think – faces a hefty fine.

  Inconsiderate parking can also be an offence, such as on the yellow lines
outside the Co-op in London Road. Enforcement officers have been attend-

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