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Conyer girl Lizzie Adams. Teynham Parish Council offered free use of the hall
for such a good cause.

  Meanwhile, the outer wall of the Community Hall in Station Road will soon
have a new look with the addition of a defibrillator (see separate story). This
has been a community effort to raise the funds to buy this vital piece of equip-
ment, though hopefully it will rarely – if ever – be put to use.

  Many Teynham people had their morning journeys severely disrupted recent-
ly by repairs to the road virtually outside the Community Hall. The repairs were
well overdue but the problem is the authorities failed to let anyone – including
the Parish Council – know of their intentions in advance. Residents would have
been so much better prepared for what confronted them that morning, with a
section of Station Road closed off, if the Parish Council had been able to fore-
warn them through its Facebook page. Failing that, letters could have been put
through nearby doors, or at least notices displayed around the area. Teynham
Parish Council has asked the highway authorities to comment on this apparent
failure to communicate.

  Teynham Parish Council welcomed a new Councillor, Lisa Crowley, at the
August meeting, bringing the number of serving councillors back up to the
statutory eleven. Welcome to Lisa.

  Please can we ask, as we head into autumn, with its dark nights and misty
mornings, for everyone to ensure that their overhanging hedges and trees next
to footways and footpaths are safely cut back so as not to cause a hazard to

  Lastly we thank those community-minded people who were spotted pick-
ing up litter in Teynham on Bank Holiday Saturday. An example to us all and
shame on those who persist in droppping litter in the first place!

                                                               Teynham Parish Councillors

              Public Access Defibrillator

  Teynham Parish Council has now placed an order for a defibrillator to be
installed on the front wall of the Community Hall in Station Road.

  A defibrillator gives an electric shock to a person’s heart in order to make it
beat normally again, especially after a heart attack or a cardiac arrest. So it’s a
vital piece of equipment, which hopefully will rarely if ever be needed!

  The cost of the defibrillator has been shared by Teynham Parish Council,
Lynsted with Teynham WI, Swale Borough Council members’ grants and Kent
County Council combined members’ grant scheme.

  A number of first aid courses will be arranged so anyone who may one day
need to use the defibrillator on a patient fully understands exactly what to do.
More about these will be in the Winter edition of Teynham News.
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