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• Meets Saturdays 31st March, 5th May and 2nd June
• 3:30 – 5:30pm at Teynham school.
• Messy Church is for all ages, for the whole family.
• 2 hours of fun, singing, hearing stories, craft

    activities and a meal that we all eat together.
• For more information: phone 01795 522510 or email:

           Way 2B                                                              is a
              For teenagers                                              informal
         at Lynsted Church,                                    time of worship
Alternate Fridays 7.30 until 9.00pm  lasting 50 minutes, each Sunday at
Call Steve (01795 522510) for more             6.00pm at Lynsted Church.
                                                             All are welcome!

                               Caring Hands Craft Club
  Every 2nd Wednesday of each month, 1.30-3.30pm, at the Teynham Scout
Hut on Conyer Road. Come and learn a new craft and share yours.
  Contact Mary on 01795 522165.

                                                   We are collecting food which all goes to the
                                                food bank. The list of suggested food is: Pack-
                                                ets of soup, Packets of rice, Packets of pasta,
                                                Jars of pasta sauce, Packets of cereal, UHT
Milk, Tinned meat/fish, Tinned vegetables, Jars of jam, Tea/coffee, Sugar. Box-
es are available for donations at the Church and School.

Foodboxes for those in need: I, acting on behalf of the Family Foodbank, have
food box vouchers available for those in need - If you or anyone you know is in
real need then please contact Steve. 01795 522510.

Funerals: This is a sad subject, but did you know that anyone who has lived in the
village, whether a churchgoer or not, is entitled to have a service in church or, alterna-
tively, to ask the local vicar to take a service at the Crematorium? If you would like to
find out more then do please give me, Steve Lillicrap, a ring on 01795 522510.

Weddings: Anyone who lives in the parish or has lived in the parish for at
least 6 months of their lives is entitled to be married at St Mary’s. If you

              would like to discuss having your wedding at St Mary’s then do
              give me a ring on 01795 522510.

              Baptisms and Christenings: If you are interested in a baptism,
              (sometimes called a Christening), which usually takes place on
              the first Sunday in the month then do give me a ring on 01795 522510         Steve Lillicrap, Rector
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