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                                                     By the time you read this we will have
                                                   been back in school for a few weeks.
                                                   We welcomed a full reception class
                                                   again this year as well as some other
new faces in classes across the school.
  Even though the school has increased in size over the past few years eve-
ryone who visits us comments on the family atmosphere that is everywhere
around the school. The children really care and look after each other.
  Year 6 children buddy up with Year R children to help them in the dinner hall
and out on the playground which could be a daunting place when you’re only
four years old. Yet I am amazed every year how confidence grows with even
our youngest children in a matter of weeks.
  Children’s wellbeing has always been important to us at Teynham School
and this academic year we want to improve children’s ability to independently
understand their own wellbeing and how to improve it.
  We were lucky enough to be awarded a lottery grant for a programme called
Zumos which is an interactive app to help children understand their feelings
and how to deal with them. We have started trialling this across the school and
look forward to seeing the impact.
  Our Forest School is now into its second year and feedback from the chil-
dren and parents has been that it has been a tremendous success. In a recent
questionnaire to parents it was clear that the children have been learning an
enormous amount about the natural world and going home to tell their parents
all about it.
  An added benefit to this is back in the classroom where teachers have no-
ticed an improvement in children’s enjoyment in learning. If a child is happy in
their learning they will always make good progress.
  Another big success over that last year and one which we want to continue
to focus on is promoting a Growth Mindset for all who work in school. This is
about always trying and not worrying if something doesn’t work the first time,
learn from that mistake and try another way. We are all very conscious that we
need to equip children with skills, not just academic ones, which will help them
later in life. Having a positive attitude and not giving up is a crucial part of being
  Our next big community event is the annual Fireworks display on Saturday
11th November. Please check the school website for more details.
  Once again I must thank everyone involved in the school. Teynham is still go-
ing from strength to strength and it is down to the dedication and the hard work
of the staff, children and parents who all support the school in so many ways.

                                                              Mrs E Pearson, Headteacher.
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