The Day a Dalek Invaded Teynham

dalek oneTerry Nation - the guy who created Dr Who’s favourite enemy, the Daleks - lived in Lynsted. He resided in Lynsted Manor (the seat of the Roper Family) and was technically Lord of Teynham Manor and Hundred …. and I used to be his paper boy.

I borrowed a Dalek from him in order to publicise the Church Bazaar on Friday 6th December 1974, that my Mother, Phyllis Williams, organised at the Labour Hall (now known as the Community Hall) to raise funds to restore the roofing at St Mary’s Church. There was nearly a disaster just before the Fair. Shock, horror my Dad, Glynn Williams, managed to break it! Just in time Teynham’s super hero (me) managed to fix it.

I had great fun at the Fair inside the Dalek operating it. The East Kent Gazette gave us good publicity and included a couple of photographs. Terry and his wife actually came down to the hall and did the “glad handing” publicity bits. He was a really nice guy and really cared about Teynham.

dalek two

Steve Williams