Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee
Commemorative Pump Damaged


The Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Pump was badly damaged, through being hit by a stolen car during a police chase, at around 3.30am on Wednesday 19th November 2008.

The car, a silver Ford Focus was badly damaged with it being reported that the engine was found some 50m/yards from the car's final resting place. It was further reported that the car was travelling at speed from the Faversham direction towards Sittingbourne, when it collided with parked cars on the Teynham side of the A2 (Greenstreet) near the pump with the rear of the car swinging round and demolishing the pump. The bollards around the pump appear unscathed so it would seem that the car was in the air when it hit the rear of the pump.

damaged pumpdamaged pump






All recyclable material from the pump were stored with a view to them being incorporated into the rebuilt pump.

The pump is currently owned and maintained by Teynham Parish Council and Lynsted with Kingsdown Parish Council.

The Time Capsule (shown below), placed in the pump in 1992 by Teynham and Lynsted scholars, is safe, undamaged and was being stored with a view to it's reinstatement after the rebuilding work on the pump is complete.

pump capsulepump capsule