The Honeyball's House at Newgardens

newgrdens gate

This photograph is of the main gate of the Honeyball's house at Newgardens, there was a semi circle of gravel off the road and on either side of that were two large poplar trees, in the centre was a beautiful may tree with a pink double bloom in the spring.




newgardens drive


This photograph was taken on the right hand side of the drive with the house in the background.


newgardens garden

In this photograph, again taken on the right hand side of the drive, you can see one of the brick paths that ran all through the gardens. This side of the garden was a sea of daffodils, that grew under the old cherry trees in the Spring.

The photographs were taken from the originals, owned by Mrs Honeyball and kindly supplied by Barry Knell who rescued them after they were strewn over the drive by children who had damaged the house.