The 'Navvy Wigg' Cup

Thirty years ago I played football in the final of the 'Navvy Wigg' Cup for Teynham Wanderers and we lost 1-0 to Greenstreet United, who also played at the Frognal Lane Playing Field. The Cup has not been played for since the mid 1980s but the actual trophy has recently come to light and is held at The Swan Public House as it was they who donated it.

It was competed for by teams local to Teynham and in 1980 the teams competing were Teynham Wanderers, Greenstreet, Norton, Teynham United, Conyer Teynham & Lynsted and a couple of others. Should there be sufficient interest and support I would like to see this competition restarted but in the meantime I wonder if anyone knows the origins of the Navvy Wigg Cup or after whom it was named. Should you have any information, stories about the games or any photographs of the teams please let the Parish Clerk, whose details are on page 38, know and it could be published in a later Teynham News.

John Cunningham (2014)
Secretary Teynham Sports Association

The above article reminded David Pankhurst of his involvement in these cup matches as an official when he was awarded these mementos which he kindly let us photograph as shown below. David has now moved away from the village so we are unable to obtain any further information from him.

The inscription on the circular medallion on the mementoes is:

The Albert ‘Navvy’ Wigg Memorial Cup.

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