Teynham War Memorial

The Teynham memorial plaques for those who fell at War are contained withn the parish church, St Mary's Teynham, on the wall of the South Chapel,

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The following names are recorded on the memorials who are remembered annually during the Service of Remembrance. This service is held at St Mary's every two years. It is held at Sts Peter and Paul in Lynsted in the intervening years.


Frederick Back

Died: 16/09/17 London Regiment 19th Battalion. Age 21. Son Harry Back of 2 Frognal Lane.

William Frank Back

Died: 23/10/18 The Buffs 7th Battalion

Arthur William Beesley

Gun Powder Mill explosion 02/04/16

Benjamin Dan Black

Died: 08/12/18 Royal Navy.

Son of William & Minnie of 2 Eastwood Cottages Age 22

Ernest Black

Died: 06/11/18 Age 27, Navy.

Son of William & Minnie of 2 Eastwood Cottages

Henry Thomas Carrier

Died: 11/05/17 Household Battalion. Husband of Alice of 18 Station Rd. Remembered Arras Memorial

Stephen Champ

Died: 13/05/15 Royal Navy

Frederick George Champ

Died: 06/08/17 Age 34. Canadian Infantry 19th Battalion.

Ernest Cheeseman

Died: 28/03/18, RWKR 6th Battalion

Fergus William Christmas

Died: 30/11/17, Middlesex Regiment

John Dalton

Died: 13/12/18 Age 20, West Yorks 9th Battalion. Buried Etaples Military Cemetery

Daniel Edward Easton

Died: 30/06/17 Royal Navy HMS Cheerful

Alfred Henry Feaver MM

Died: 03/09/18 Hampshire Regiment 1st Battalion

William Ford

The Buffs

John Henry Gladwell

Died: 14/10/17 Age 25, RWKR 7th Battalion

Albert Edward Hadlow

Died: 26/03/18 Age 19, Royal West Surrey Regiment. Son of Terry & Ellen West End Green St.

George Abraham Hall

Died: 02/05/15 The Buffs 2nd Battalion

Charles Edward Higgins

Died: 08/04/15 RE.

William Henry Hodge

50th Battalion Canadian Infantry

Thomas Warwick Kite

Died: 26/10/17 The Buffs 1st Battalion

Bertie Charles Downs

Died:. 23/10/18 8th East Surrey Regiment

Thomas Baker


James Frederick Laker

Died: 22/10/18 The Buffs 10th Battalion

William Henry Laker

Died: 03/05/17 The Buffs 7th Battalion

James Lucas

Died: 05/09/15 The Buffs 3rd Battalion Buried St Mary Teynham

William McGarry

Died: 11/10/17 KRRC Age 38 of Station Row Teynham. Buried at Hooge Crater Cemetery Ypres

Sidney Philpott

Died: 24/09/18 Leicestershire Regiment 1st Battalion

William J Pile

Died: 12/04/15 The Buffs 2nd Battalion

George Potts

Died: 03/05/17, The Buffs 6th Battalion

Joseph Henry Ray

Died: 08/04/18, Royal Sussex Regiment

Reuben Reader

Died: 23/08/17, London Regiment 18th Battalion

Ernest Ridley

Died: 20/04/15 Age 28, The Buffs. Buried St. Mary Teynham.
Son of George & Eleanor of 1 Station Rd.

Frank Russell

Died: 08/10/17 Age 20, The Buffs 4th Battalion.

Gerrard Prideaux- Selby

Died: 26/09/16 Age 25, RAMC

Henry Smith

Died: 26/09/16 Age 25.

Son of Henry of 4 Station Rd. Remembered on the Vimy Memorial

George Thomas Swan

Died: 07/10/17 Age 37, Royal Navy. Son of Benjamin & Eliza of Station Row

Cornelius William Taylor


Percy Wildish

Died: 20/09/17 Welsh Regiment 9th Battalion. Son of William & Sarah of Royal Cottages

Leonard Terry

Died: 03/05/15 The Buffs 2nd Battalion,

Albert Tumber

Died: 16/12/16 London Regiment 19th Battalion

Edward James Victor White

Died: 05/09/18 London Regiment 18th Battalion. Son of Charles & Jane of Greenstreet, Teynham

Thomas Wigg

Died: 27/03/18 Age 30, Royal Navy. Husband of Harriett The Laurels

Edward G Luckhurst

Died: 25/08/18 Royal Fusiliers

Alice Post


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James Allen
George Edward Amos
Clarence Baker
Richard Beacon
Leslie Boorman
Geoffrey Sydney Button
George Ivan Drury
Bertram Charles Heathfield
Robert Richard Hodges
Hubert Bertie Parrish
Albert Price
Frederick Charles Ruck
Cuthbert William Prideaux Selby
Louisa Banfield
Elsie May Castle
Frank Robert Horsnail
Jack Victor Horsnail
Edward George Post.